Choir New Member Information


CALLING – This is the highest and most important requirement we have for joining the Prestonwood Choir.  A sense of calling to serve and lead the church in worship is first and foremost among all requirements. You may love music, which is wonderful, but we ask that you join us only if you have a passion for worship and for leading others in praise. The first mission of the Prestonwood Choir is to lead the church in worship; we are the LEAD WORSHIPPERS.

COMMITMENT – We ask that every member of the Prestonwood Choir be committed and faithful to weekly rehearsals on Wednesday evenings and to the primary leadership role on Sunday morning. These times of rehearsal are so much more than musical instruction.  They are times of personal worship and preparation to lead the church. We can only offer our very best to the Lord when we are prepared. We ask that nothing get in the way of the Wednesday and Sunday leadership roles. If you have to miss due to illness, work or family emergency, we ask that you notify us via our website.

COMMUNITY – Being a member of the Prestonwood Choir means becoming a member of a family! This family will pray for you, support you, and be an integral part of your spiritual life. We will serve together in weekend worship leadership, participate in special Christmas presentations, and be a part of recordings that impact the world. Along with this, there will be many opportunities to sing at exciting, special events around the country. From time to time, there may be small costs for various activities, but we don’t want finances to become an issue with your participation. We have scholarships available for those who have needs in these areas. Additionally, we offer free childcare for Wednesday night rehearsals and all rehearsals and performances for on-site concerts and special events.


Prestonwood Choir membership is really quite simple. After you have attended one rehearsal, you are encouraged to join us in the loft of Sunday morning! Please try to be robed and ready in the choir room by 9:00am (for worship gathering devo) or by 10:40am before the 11:00am service. It would also be great for you to sing in both the 9:30am and 11:00am services if you are able.


The final step for becoming an official member of the Prestonwood Choir is to attend the new member party and have this time of introduction and training, designed to help you in your new role. You will meet our entire staff team, go through a basic orientation of “choir life,” and meet key leaders within our organization. You will be notified by SPECIAL INVITATION of the next New Member Party.


The Prestonwood Choir has two basic outfits worn when singing:

  • ROBES – for weekend Worship Services
  • FORMAL WEAR – primarily used for Christmas presentations and other special events

These outfits are used for extended periods of time. We ask that members purchase their formal outfits and care for them appropriately. Robes are cleaned, maintained and provided for your use during weekend Worship Services. There are charts located in the robing room that you may use to measure your height to determine the size of robe you will receive.