Spring 2024 Auditions and Musical Information




If you have questions regarding casting, and rehearsals, please email us at kidsworship@prestonwood.org

Spring Musical information PLEASE READ

All information in this document will be the responsiblity of the parent, and if there is a conflict regarding the rehearsal schedule or a question about anything about the musical or our process, this document will be refered too. Thank you!!

1. Audition results for 2nd-6th grade

  • Audition results are posted in 2 ways, BUT THEY SHOULD BE IDENTICAL RESULTS. The first way is by LAST NAME, and the second way is BY PART. (We do this because some parents find it easier to clarify their child’s parts/rehearsal schedules based on how it is listed. You can also see who else is in your child’s part to assist with carpooling ect.)
  • If you notice a discrepancy between the two lists or have question regarding the results, please email us at kidsworship@prestonwood.org.
  • All kid who auditioned this spring should have been cast in a part. If your child auditioned and you do not see their name, please email us so we can correct the error.

2. Rehearsal Schedule

  • All kids who did not audition are considered General Choir. Rehearsal dates for General Choir is also listed the rehearsal schedule below.
  • Kids in auditioned/cast parts can only miss ONE regularly scheduled rehearsal and still be allowed to keep their part. They must make ALL mandatory rehearsals. If they can not meet these requirements, they can still be in our spring musical but will need to particpate as General Choir.

3. All scripts, music, lyrics and dance group/choir choreo videos can be found on our planning center link. Please follow the below instructions.

Planning Center Instructions:

  1. Click the planning center button below
  2. Click “Log in” on the upper right hand corner
    • Planning center login: kidsworship@prestonwood.org
    • Planning center password (password has been update): kidsworship123
    • You must be logged out of any other planning center, and log into ours using the information above
    • Please Do NOT hit “decline”; once in select the green button that says “Jan 31-Spring 2024 1st-6th grade”

4. Costuming and Hair/Makeup requirements

ALL PARTS, including general choir, have costuming pieces YOU must provide, as well as hair and makeup requirements. If the costuming piece is NOT listed, that means we are providing it for your child.